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The Gift of Rejection

Rejection is tough on any level. No one likes it, and it stings like no other. We all face it. Some more than others. I have chosen an industry filled with rejection. I tried to protect myself from this when I was younger. Thankfully I learned, it’s lonely and disappointing. But it doesn’t make rejection any easier.

One of my prayers for me is to be gracious and set a good example for those around me and in my industry. Today I had a rejection. After the sting had subsided, something occurred to me. It’s easy to be gracious and set a good example when everything is going smoothly. When I feel loved and accepted, it’s easy for me to smile, be patient, kind, and encourage others to stay their course.

However, when my life isn’t going as I feel it should, it’s hard to be gracious. I feel like I should get a pass and everybody should just understand my pain and accept me for where I am right now. But grace and example are not typically grown from everything going my way. They come from taking the lumps and moving forward, knowing that it’s not about me or my worth or my value, and showing kindness to others in spite of the sting. The sting of rejection is my opportunity for my prayers to be answered. And that is truly a gift.

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