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Piano Lessons - I teach from the Faber series, but also incorporate supplemental materials as well. Each lesson is customized to the strengths and abilities of each student. I focus on not only learning to play, but theory, ear training, and performance. More advanced students can learn the basics of accompaniment and song writing.

$25/half hour or $50/hour  - full time students


Voice Lessons - Students learn a variety of songs based on their individual goals. I focus on learning notes, sight reading, breathing, intervals, and memorization. There is also opportunity to delve into song writing, performing, show planning, and how to build a tool kit for shows/gigs. 

$25/half hour or $50/hour - full time students

Private Producer Sessions - Want to do music for a living? This is the place to ask your questions, plan your future, and learn what you need to get ready. We will also discuss music styles, plan set lists, equipment you need, places to perform, marketing tools, headshots, promotional materials, etc. 

$35/ half hour or $65/hour - no full time commitment required

Single Lessons - Need help preparing for an event? This is the opportunity to work on a specific song for a talent show, wedding, or gig. We will focus on your specific needs for that event and make sure you are confident and ready.

$35/half hour or $65/hour - no full time commitment required

Seminars and Master Classes - As a student you will be the first to receive private invites to these events. Learn the secrets of the industry and listen to those who have experience on a variety of stages and around the world.

TDB based on event


I’ve been teaching for nearly 10 years. With 20 years in the music business, I decided to combine my love of music and my desire to share my knowledge with aspiring musicians. I have produced two albums and am currently working on a third. My music has distribution across the United States and in 13 different countries. I’ve performed on a variety of stages, including New York and Los Angeles. 

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