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Toni has a great tone and a beautiful soothing delivery . . . very, very, nice! I totally get and love her vibe!


Gregg Pagani

Producer: LeAnn Rimes, Babyface, Charlie Wilson

Toni’s voice feels like a spiritual water flowing through your soul, asking us to reminisce about our own memories. Her performance is graceful and classy. As a seasoned entertainer, Toni draws her audience into her world, leaving us wanting more. We feel as if we've walked beside her in each memory. She brings a rich, soulful voice and a professional presence to my stages.


Daris Reno Blickman

Entertainment Chair - Carmel Int'l Arts Festival

Event Coordinator

"Toni is an amazing singer, with a uniquely soothing voice! And take it from King C, you will be hearing a lot from this wonderful singer/songwriter!


Charles Glenn

Producer/Bassist: Little Richard, Billy Preston, Teena Marie, Ozone

About Toni
Compilation Sample - Toni Deckers

The American Song Book has long been filled with music that maps our county’s past. Toni’s music is perfect addition to this legacy. Her voice has been called rich like chocolate, smooth like butterscotch, and savored like a very fine wine. She sings clearly, sweetly, and has a low, sultry sound.


Toni’s style is warm and embracing, her clear tones and amazing control creates a deep, seductive, resonating sound setting her apart from others. Her voice is a blend youth and vitality mixed with experience and training. 


Rooted in jazz and blended with contemporary orchestration, Toni’s music has a broad reaching appeal. It allows seasoned listeners to feel connected to something familiar, while engaging new listeners with a modern twist.


Toni has opened her heart.  She lets us read the pages from her diary through the lyrics of her music. These personal glimpses and shared experiences allow audiences to not only feel connected to Toni, but to each other as well.


"When I actually committed to writing original music, it just started flowing.  It's been a spring that hasn't stopped bubbling,” said Toni. "I write about the things we all experience and feel."


Toni's music comes from a deeply spiritual and emotional place and drawn from life experiences. Her personality, one of grace and confidence, draws others to her, where they can share and create, experiences, memories, and feelings.


Toni's current project features the first five songs in her collection entitled For Me, Right Now. Her lyrics speak of courage and the power of the human spirit, challenging us to rise above our fears.


"For me, strength lies in being bold," says Toni. "I hope letting others see through the window into my soul, it gives them the courage to be strong."

"Toni is the kind of artist that reminds you to not just listen, but to feel the music in some kind of beautiful way.
She really understands the Power of Music as an emotional map, guiding us through the rough and joyful times of our lives."


Rodney Thomas

Producer/Keyboardist: Charlie Wilson, LL Cool J, Miles Davis

"Toni's vocals are warm and inviting. Her delivery is flawless and her vocal performance is supremely entertaining. Enjoy, World!"


Dwayne Cousin

Producer/Bassist: Gap Band, Jesse Johnson, Official Biz

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