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Walk By Faith


Will I ever get the chance to see my dream?

Are all my hopes and plans far out of reach?

I really want to make a difference.

I really want to change my circumstance.



I'll step out and trust I'll find a better life.

I'll walk in faith and not by sight.



Whether the walls close in or the stairs crumble,

When storms are ragin' or the grounds rumble,

When life knocks me down, it keeps me humble,

When friends desert me, I will not fumble.


Does anyone here believe I will succeed?

Or is medocrity my destiny?

The pain of waiting feels too much for me.

The pain of stagnancy closes in on me.


Who around me shares this vision of mine?

Who around me partners in my uphill climb?

I'll keep fighting, even if I'm alone.

I'll move straight ahead, even if I'm wind blown.

Yes Be Yes


You say you're tired, you feel dejected.

You say you're hurt, that you're not respected.

Listen friend from a heart filled with love,

Your problems are bigger than the heavens above.



You make resolutions as that ball drops down,

But two months later they cannot be found.



Let your yes be yes, let your no be no.

Let your yes be yes and your no be no.

When your word is golden you don't need a vow,

When your yes is yes and your no means no.


Sunday it's one thing, Monday another.

Your friends doubt you and say "why bother."

The life you lead is wavered and changing.

Everyone feels you always leave them hanging.


Solutions are simple, the answer complete.

You can start right now and acheive a great feat.

Words can mean more than ever before,

When your yes is yes and your no is no.

Traveled Road


I was always told my beliefs were bold,

My road less traveled would come unraveled.

I never excepted the status quo,

And left other beliefs far below.


It's hard to be brave when your told your weak.

It hurts to be bullied, while pursue what I see.

Thoughts of quitting crossed my mind,

When those around me seemed so unkind.



I found my way and you can too,

There's still hope under the sky of blue.

We have risen above and learned to survive.

Take hope in your life and being alive.


Don't lose heart to the pain of this world.

Choose to keep fighting, don't come unfurled.

Have no fear of the overgrown road,

Know with big risk comes big reward.




I'm torn between the place I am and where I want to be.

I'm torn between my future and what lies in front of me.

Moving forward means I leave behind what is comfortable.

Staying here is rest assured I'll never see the other side.



I'm afraid to say goodbye for I fear the unknown.

Letting fear take hold, guarantees dreams never grow.


Rewards are small for those who are unwilling to take a chance.

Make the most of what you have, life passes in a glance.

But the familiar life I lead is just an illusion.

Don't be fooled by veiled comfort, it only leads to confusion.


Security you think you have is an evil trick.

The joy of living on the edge is what makes our life rich.

Changing directions means you jump -- and the net will come.

Pursue passion, push ahead, because you are someone.

My Reflection


I walk through the door, it's all the same.

You don't see me, you don't know my name.

I sit in the silence and wait for a friend.

Who cares about me, is this the end?

I've tried to reach out. I feel so alone.

Where do I go to find a connection?

Is there someone who likes my reflection?


Look into my eyes I want to see

Your love that's looking back at me.

The window to my soul is clear,

There's nothing left I am here.


Look into my eyes there's more to me,

Than who you think I ought to be.

Just see me now for who I am,

Transperency has been my plan.

Too Late


You know I'm gone and I've moved on.

You've reached out after way too long.

I see the message in your eyes,

But to me it's the same old song.



Now you care after all this time.

You failed to see my uphill climb.

Oh my pain was real, and I was alone.

You're too late. You missed the signs.

I'm grateful for the pain I felt.

It was part of grand design.


You make a claim, that you have changed.

Priorities you have rearranged.

It's too late to impress me.

Your life without me will feel strange.



You're too late to get me back.

I've already said goodbye.

I've moved on, I've no regrets.

This soul's about to fly.


You didn't care when I was there.

All of my needs, you were unaware.

Being there for you kept me drained,

And my heart knew you didn't care.

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